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Elexi Digital Marketing

A Professional Digital Marketing Company

Specializing in many areas such as Search Engine Oprtimization, eCommerce, Web Development, Social Media and more...

Since 1998, Bizjump has assisted over 3,000 entrepreneurs to successfully launch and grow their ventures. Since those “good ole days” of the late 90s, when Internet marketing merely involved developing a website and submitting the listings to search engines, our services have undergone a dramatic evolution. With the proliferation of digital channels and explosion of data, digital marketing has become a high stakes game of multichannel management, data analytics and never-ending learning..

We launched Elexi Content Marketing (CM) back in 2012 to help our clients compete in an era where digital content was gaining primacy. Today, marketing in a digital environment has become a way more complicated endeavor.
Marketers must not only balance the capabilities of their digitally enabled firms to engage customers on a much deeper level in the cocreation of value; but also respect their customers’ personal sovereignty. To help our clients navigate this perilous yet rewarding road, last year we established a standalone agency, ELEXI DM, dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of marketing in a digital age.

Our team consists of people with deep marketing expertise, programmers, data scientists, and other talented digital natives. Our current clientele list consists of CMO’s and CEO’s in industries ranging from telecommunication to hospitality.

Clinton Daley, Practice Lead

Clinton Daley is a marketing academic and practitioner, with keen interest in how small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) develop digital capabilities to outperform rivals. At the strategic level, he advices C-level executives on how to align firm capabilities with emergent market opportunities, to develop superior value propositions. At the tactical level, Clinton enjoys working with search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital channels tools. In addition, he is adept at multivariate analysis of “big data” to gain insight to opportunities in the ever-changing business environment. Clinton is passionate about sustainable farming, and enjoys experimenting with new farming techniques.

Our Digital Services

Our current web offerings include web design, hosting and support. Our digital marketing services include, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management., Content Marketing and Branding. As we move forward into the future and build a stronger team, we are hoping to improve our current services and offer more innovative digital solutions.

Why Choose Elexi DM?

Customized Service
We understand that each company is different. We spend time understanding your goals so we can create strategies that truly help.
We are all rounders
Companies fail to compete online because their strengths lie in only a few digital channels. Elexi DM has trained professionals in all channels because we know that successful campaigns must be executed well on all fronts. Whether it is social media, SEO, PPC, these have to work together.
ROI Driven
A lot of companies waste precious resources on advertising and marketing strategies that simply don't produce results. We work from the standpoint of your business' goals. So whatever we do is executed to produce great return on your investments.
Excellent Client Service
Elexi DM is always available to quickly address and resolve all problems you might have.
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