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Content Marketing helps to ensure the right audience is seeing the right content from your business to drive better sales

What does our Content services entail?

There are many reasons to leverage content in marketing. Persons will more likely buy from you if they see that you are an expert in your field. When you produce content related to your industry through various formats such as Ebooks, FAQs, blog posts & Info graphics you provide value to your customers before they even make a purchase. This builds trust and also helps you to gain relevance and authority online through links and mentions.

Content is still KING!

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Content Marketing Facts

✅ Content marketing enhances your social media

✅ Content marketing enhances your Newsletter

✅ Persons who read your content regularly are almost 6x more likely to buy from you

✅ Content builds SEO of your site and makes your brand more visible

✅ Evergreen content can generate such as a single blog post leads for years to come

✅ It is 3x more likely to generate leads than paid ads

Our Content Marketing Process:

Content Strategy Development
After understanding you own business and marketing goals, we will establish a content marketing plan that is compatible with them. From here we seek to understand your main target markets and the type of information and solutions they seek. A strategic calendar will be created for content that is going to be created.

Content Creation
Videos, eBooks, blog posts, podcasts, whitepapers.... whichever content is prescribed the marketing plan will then be created over a period of a few weeks to a few months depending on the length of the project.

Content Publishing
The content will then be distributed and published to various channels based on the content calendar. This can include social media platforms, your website, or via email marketing.

Reporting & Analysis
We will analyze and report the results of our efforts monthly to provide assurance of your return of investment and optimize going forward to maximise results.

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Common Content Marketing questions:

1Does Content Marketing work?
Yes. The truth is people often don't care about the variety of products or services a company is selling. In a world loud and full of ads you need to find a way to stand out. This is where content comes in. Our goal is to identify the main issues and problems that your current or future customers are facing and provide problem solving, inspirational and helpful content that will let people see your company as a thought leader in your field. This builds SEO, authority and trust that will let them ultimately choose your product or service over your competitors.
2How do we get started working together?
Well after you have signed up, we will give you a questionnaire followed by a phone or video call to follow up on any additional details.
3How does content help throughout the customer purchase journey?
Different types of content should be created throughout the customers journey to purchase from your business. It should make them aware about your company, engage them and the finally convert them into life long customers.
4How long before I see ROI from content marketing?
Think of content as long term asset. It is evergreen and will drive leads for years to come. It will definitely help to spark some engagement in the first couple of months however it takes time for you to be a thought leader or expert.
5How is the success of content measured?
The great thing about our services is we have Key Performance Indicators to know exactly what is working and what isn't. That way we can quickly make changes. For example if you want to know if it is creating awarness we might track your site track site traffic or bounce rate. For engagement we might check social shares and comments. For getting new leads and customers we can check conversion rate and time to close.
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