Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Place effective Ads on Google and other Search Engines

What is PPC?

If you want to start effectively advertising your business online and quickly attract new customers then you've come to the right place. Pay-per-click advertising is a good means to do so when your organic outreach simply isn't enough. This type of advertising means you place an ad on Google and you pay every time someone clicks on it. This amount you pay is very small however compared to the potential profits. You might spend $2 on a click that ends up being a $400 sale.

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The Pay-Per-Click Management Process:

Assign you your own PPC specialist
One of our PPC specialists will be assigned to your project. He/she will be highly trained in running successful campaigns. This person will not only lead your project with the remainder of our team but stay in communication with you while it is being created and executed. The first step for our specialist will be to come up with a strategic plan moving forward.

Conduct Keyword Research
Our specialist will then conduct keyword research to find out the best converting keywords for your target market.

Competitive Analysis
An analysis of ads placed by your competitors will then be done to identify where they do well or where they have shortcomings. This will enable our team to try our best to create a superior ad with the best cost per result.

Campaign & Ad Creation
Here the copy for the actual ad or group of ads will be created. Keywords will be included and ads will be split tested to see which ones perform better.

Landing Page Design & Development
Each ad should have a landing page. It is imperative for landing pages to have content that will convert your visitors. If you just have good ad copy and a poor landing page then you will be paying for your clicks but not converting an customers. Our landing pages are also split tested.

Monitor & Optimize Ads
After ads and landing pages are published, our team will constantly manage their performance and make changes to ensure you are maximising your money spent and getting good return on investment.

Reporting & Analysis
A report will be provided monthly to ensure our efforts are contributing to your sales goals. Key performance indicators include Impressions, Click thru rate but most importantly cost per conversion.

What are the benefits of PPC?

✅ Immediate results

✅ Have full control over your budget

✅ Get to the top of Google search results. Top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of all clicks

✅ 92.86% of all internet users search Google to find products, services and solutions

✅ Increase traffic to your sight which will boost your SEO long term

Common questions about PPC:

1How do we get started working together?
After our free consultation with you and you have decided to use or services then you should complete payment. From there we will send a questionnaire to fully understand the needs of your business or campaign. This will be followed up by a phone call or video chat to discuss any additional details.
2How will I follow up with Elexi on progress being made?
We will assign a team dedicated to your project and ready to answer any questions you inputs you may have throughout the campaign's creation and execution?
3How do I know if PPC is a good ROI?
The good thing about PPC advertising is unlike SEO, Content Marketing or social media, it provides instant return on your investment. We have key metrics which we will check to continuously optimize ads. These include how many people see the ad (impressions), how many people click on the ad (click thru rate) and finally how many of those persons actually convert into a customer (conversion rate).
4What sites offer PPC advertising?
Popular sites that offer PPC include Google, Yahoo and Bing. But we usually go with Google as this is the most popular search engine to place ads on.
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