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Why is SEO So Important?

You have a nice site designed but you aren't getting enough traffic. SEO helps to improve this. This type of optimization ensures your site is friendly to search engines such as Google and your potential customers as well. For example when they type in a certain keyword related to your business, your site should show up reasonably high on the search results. This process boosts not only traffic, but sales, site experience and brand reputation.

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Consultancy & Audit

We discuss with you ways in which SEO strategies can help your company based on your goals. We then proceed to see how your site is currently performing and analyze the changes required.

Keyword & Market Research

Finding the right keywords for your website involves the analysis of competitors as well as understanding the needs of your customers.

Content Creation

Here we create content on each page of your website that is relevant to the keywords being searched. For example blog posts that will capture new readers, engage them and eventually turning them into customers.

Link Building

This process involves getting people in your industry talking about your company and linking back to you to establish your authority on Google and other search engines.

On site SEO

We correct the internal structure of your site that may affect the way search engine algorithms ranks your pages.

Technical SEO

We will perform website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively.

Digital PR & Outreach

Now that you have great content. We take the steps to ensure that you are well represented online and connecting with influencers online who depend on and share your content.

Reporting & Analysis

We will use key data monthly to track our progress and ensure that our SEO has been helping to achieve your goals

FAQs About SEO

1What type of return on investment should be expected from SEO?
SEO is for the long term and will be extremely valuable to your business. It takes time but within 6 months you should see increase of organic traffic.
2How do we get started working together?
Well after you have signed up, we will give you a questionnaire followed by a phone or video call to discuss questionnaire and any other additional information necessary. We then assign you your SEO manager that will work with you.
3Will I rank #1 on Google?
It will depend on your competition, keyword difficulty, and effort. But the aim is to become as visible as possible in search engine.
4How long is a contract?
We work on a month to month basis however the initial contract must be at least 3 months. A 30 days notice must be given for cancellation of a contract.
5Why choose an agency for SEO?
With competition keep stepping up and search engine algorithms keep changing. It is often very difficult for businesses to keep up. Having Elexi DM managing your SEO means we keep track of this for you and constantly feed your site with traffic while you focus more on your business.

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