Social Media Marketing

Have all your social accounts optimized and managed.

What does our Social Media services entail?

We will work closely with your company to understand your needs and business goals. Then determine how and which social media platforms are best suited for you. We can create, optimize or manage each social account so that potential and existing customers are learning more about and engaging with your business. Key social media services we offer include content creation, post scheduling, analytics and results, campaign management and profile optimization.

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Instagram Marketing

Share the visual side of your business and capture your target markets attention. Photos is one of the leading ways people find new products.

Pinterest Marketing

Perfect platform is known for fast conversion from discovery to sales. Great for consumer goods.

Organic Social Media Marketing

We can create content that is valuable and engaging to your followers. The posts will also have high share-ability which will allow new persons to see and follow your page.

✅ Profile Optimization

✅ Scheduled Posting

✅ Content Creation

Paid Social Ads

You can place paid social media ads that will boost your page awareness, increase following and re target persons who have visited your site to try to turn them into customers.

✅ Ad Creation

✅ Audience Analysis

✅ Cost per Result Optimization

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

Assign you your own Social Media specialist
We will assign you a social media specialist that will learn about your company in order to know the steps moving forward. He/ she will be an effort in maximise your budget to get the most results.

Develop a Social Media strategy that fits your overall marketing initiatives
After getting to know your business, our specialist will create social media marketing plan that is compatible with your overall business and marketing goals.

Create posting Schedule
A calendar will then be done to set the order in which content will be distributed amongst the various platforms. This is key as your target market logs on to different social accounts at different times and you need to boost reach.

Content & Ads Creation
Social media content will then be created and published over the period of your contract or campaign. This will be in the form of organic posts or paid ads. Whichever best suites the marketing plan and the results we are trying to achieve.

Monitoring & Optimization
We will carefully monitor posts to see how they are performing and if they are meeting the key performance indicator benchmarks that we set. Adjustments will then be made if necessary.

Reporting & Analysis
Monthly reports will then be provided by our specialists so you can keep up with what we are doing behind the scenes and see your return on investment on paper.

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Common Social Media Questions:

1What type of return on investment should be expected?
The type of returns will be dependent on the type of campaigns you want to pursue. However typical aims include creating awareness (growing following), buidling relationships and then converting persons into qualified leads in the form of traffic to your site. 6 months is the minimum required to see social media help meet your business goals.
2How do we get started working together?
Well after you have signed up, we will give you a questionnaire followed by a phone or video call to discuss questionnaire and any other additional information necessary. We then assign you your Social media manager that will work with you.
3How will content be gathered to create posts?
We can either receive content from you to create posts or use resources from our large library of stock photos. We can also create or shoot videos ourselves.
4How long is a contract?
We work on a month to month basis however the initial contract must be at least 3 months. A 30 days notice must be given for cancellation of a contract.
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