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Who are they?

Hummingbird Tours and Car Rental services in Jamaica is one of the most reputable car rental companies on the island. Being one of our first major clients, we have helped them achieve a competitive advantage over most of their competitors through effective and highly strategic digital marketing tactics. We started by helping them to create a long term marketing plan. This plan includes some of the key things to acknowledge moving forward. Key sections such as competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, customer journey, developing KPI's. Our primary task was to create a smooth booking process so that customers can easily rent cars, select additional options and pay online.

Services we provided:

Search Engine Optimization
Our SEO team worked hard with Hummingbird to ensure that they showed up on Google for the right keywords. Car Rental is a competitive industry with plenty of big companies. Proper digital marketing is a great way to compete on a low budget. Now whenever someone searches Google for car rental in Jamaica, Hummingbird can sleep comfortably knowing they are getting a steady stream of leads to visit their website and convert into customers.
Hummingbird car rental long term car rental page optimization

Hummingbird Car Rental Long Term Car Rental page optimization

Hummingbird Car Rental long term car rental keyword

Hummingbird Car Rental "long term car rental" keyword 1st page of Google Search Engine Results

Email Marketing
Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods to reach out to close leads and existing customers directly. For Hummingbird we set up a newsletter strategy to grow their subscribers and the list of persons likely to book from them in the future. Providing a constant flow of new and returning customers.
Social Media marketing
We successfully took Hummingbird Car Rental's Facebook page from being inactive to having over 1000 followers. We also launch and optimized their twitter page while providing them with a Twitter strategy.

Pay-per-Click Advertising
PPC advertising is not familiar to many traditional business owners. it is an easy way to rank #1 on Google. With hundreds of thousands of searches on Google every second, it is important to get your relevant share of that traffic. For Hummingbird, we used PPC campaigns as our main driver of revenue. Our ads have very high conversion rates.
Hummingbird car rental long term car rental PPC ad Copy

Hummingbird car rental long term car rental Google PPC ad copy Sample

Web Design and Development
At the core of all marketing and operations, is a well maintained, easy to use and functional website. We created this website with lead generation as well as sales in mind. Most importantly however, customers can sign in on the website and book their rental cars in a seemless and effortless way.

Other Services Provided:
  • Web hosting
  • Logo Design
  • PHP Script installation and customization
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Monthly Marketing Report
  • eCommerce setup
  • Blog Writing
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